With our thoughts we make the world…

…is one of the most meaningful phrases attributed to Buddha. I’m not an expert in Buddhism, but I confess I often find that such peaceful, yet powerful, statements really agree with me, they help me take things positively and keep my faith in the future.

It is an optimist attitude towards life, don’t you think? As I see it, it means we have the power to, in fact, change the world, to make a difference; at the same time, it implies that responsibility for our actions and behavior comes from within, doesn’t it? Of course it does, responsibility always accompanies power, at least as I see it.


Therefore, the power to make the world a better place goes hand in hand with the acknowledgement that we are those who think and decide and then act accordingly. A clear thought, one that is pure and benevolent will not tolerate an unkind, heartless action, so imagine how better a place this world would be if it were full of such pure thoughts and actions…

I hope I’m making myself clear as I’m writing this down, I told you, I’m no Buddha expert, but, does it matter? I DO believe in the power of our minds, I DO believe we can make a difference if we really want to…

I try to turn my thoughts into actions and I do so in a number of ways: one of them is my approach to creating smart, relaxing knits with freeform touches that help them stand out and write the patterns that make you feel happy while knitting them. If knitting this shawl puts a smile on your face, then I have reached my goal: this is just the thought I have in my mind for you!

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