Taking pictures…


…is certainly fun but it is not always easy to capture the right mood from the right angle and communicate the “message”

Take Vap’oria Shawl, for example. It’s true that it is named after a rather well-known spot in Syros, a Cyclades Island. I chose the name because I love the place and the colors I used remind me of it and, last but not least, because the yarn was gifted to me by a very dear friend who happens to live in that area.

In an ideal world, pictures would be taken on the spot, the Vaporia neighborhood serving as scenery to the shawl and the colors of the sea and the houses blending with the yarn colors. No such luck, I’m afraid. Syros is 4,5 hours away from where I live and it was just impossible to make the trip at this time of the year.


We only had one option left:to break free from any reference to a specific time and place and focus on the shawl itself and on the details that make this design stand out from a crowd: a ’70s allure, freeform elements that so delighted the knitters of the KAL, a bohemian attitude contributing to the “mystery” side of this knit, the sun coming through the large “buttonholes”… that’s all we had left… and so we went on…

Did we achieve the goal? Well, that is for you to decide and you would certainly do me a favor if you could just take a minute and let me know what you think of these particular photos…Hit the “reply” button and let me know what you like them…or don’t like them!

Thanks in advance!!!





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