Progress is…

a.”the movement forward or toward a place”

b.”the process of improving or developing something over a period of time” according to the Merriam -Webster Dictionary, and both definitions cover my way of thinking about this exciting journey that is the creation of new, beautiful things from scratch.

For me, the means is yarn, needles and inspiration. For others, it may be a sketchbook and some colored pencils or a piece of fabric and a sewing machine, it really doesn’t matter. It has to be challenging, it has to be new.

As I go through photos of my knitting patterns of the past 4 years, all up on Ravelry and elsewhere, I can see my steps towards

  • using better materials for developing my projects! Yes, I definitely moved from knitting with good to high quality industry yarn to the point of no return: high quality handmade and hand-dyed yarn is a constant source of inspiration.
  • the use of more or less standard stitches gives place to less standard or adapted versions of stitch patterns
  • the center of my attention is nowadays shape or/and form of the knitted fabric rather than the stitch pattern per se, and
  • communicating my work has also changed a lot through the years. I have of course a long way ahead into developing my photo-shooting skills, but I am into it and I like the process of interacting with you so much.

You may wonder why I am sharing these thoughts with you… Well, because for one reason or another, I DO feel close to you:perhaps you have knitted or are currently knitting one of my patterns, so you are a part of this or maybe you just read my posts and this, my friend, creates a bond between us, too.

So, feeling close to you,( I am thinking out loud while writing this post) upon completing 4 years of continuous presence on Ravelry, let’s do something to celebrate!

Starting today and until Monday, September 26 (included), you can get 2 of my patterns but pay only for 1!

The offer is valid for single patterns only and no coupon code is needed for this! I’m looking froward to many happy returns of this anniversary and I hope you do, too!!!


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