Getting ready…


…for autumn is not that obvious when you live in Greece. Temperatures are still quite high and they will probably be so for some time, but when there are new, exciting knitting plans to be announced, there must be some photoshooting, even under the hot, Greek sun.

Lise and I met just outside the Acropolis Museum, last Sunday afternoon, for a first photo session and you get to see a “behind the stage” picture taken by my husband, who, as always, was there for the most valuable support: holding bags, giving directions AND a helping hand when the model (aka Lise) had to climb on …well, I won’t say on “what” but she did climb and I was right there, taking this ’70s style picture of my Vap’oria.


Great, ha?

I won’t be revealing more today, I’ll just tell you we really enjoyed ourselves -so, what’s new? We always have great time together, if you know what I mean, but it’s also good to reaffirm it, because this is what makes our common projects so exciting and so successful; it’s the first step towards a happy collaboration: communication, mutual trust and a common goal are the best ingredients of our recipe!

Enjoy the photos (click on them to get you to the patterns) and stay tuned, there is HOT stuff comin’up soon!!!





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