Late summer days…

…well, I refuse to think of them as “early fall days” and I bet you would too, if you were in my shoes…

It’s still pretty hot and we just came back from our main summer holidays… It’s been a busy, yet rather calm, summer with lots of knitting and sketching and planning, but today I just want to share my non-knitting moments with you…

We took a few days off to visit the east coast of Peloponnese  for our summer holidays and it was such a pleasant stay(you can see some pics of Nafplion up there)…Swimming and reading and enjoying our free time together, a real blessing…

Unspoilt scenery, beautiful sea, time to catch up with the family and get those “batteries” recharged… It was great, just as it should be…

We came back relaxed and ready for the challenges ahead… I wish you all a great “Early Fall” ahead!

It’s nice to be back!

2 thoughts on “Late summer days…

  1. Pamela Perkins

    Looks like you had a wonderful trip, love the photos and thanks so much for sharing them with us all.


    1. Hi, Pam!!! Yes, it was great, thank you! Much needed rest and lots of swimming (which is by far my favorite sport)1 Now, lots of cleaning and preparation for the new schoolyear (it doesn’t start before next Monday here)!

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