Free Summer Shawl Pattern: Kynthia

Looking for a fun and rather quick project for your holidays? Well, my brand new free pattern may just be the answer to this question!


Kynthia (or Cynthia) is an epithet attributed to Artemis, the Greek goddess of the hunt, wild animals, and wilderness; the daughter of Leto and Zeus; the sister of Apollo. The legend says she was born in Mount Kynthos, in the island of Delos, hence the name.
It is also the name of a basic, heart-shaped shawl with arrow-like drape I designed for advanced-beginner knitters who look for some not-too-easy yet not-too-complicated pattern in order to take their skills to the next level.

I used DK cotton yarn for the prototype, but you can opt for the yarn of your choice. Just make sure you have enough yarn for the size you wish to knit! I ‘d like to hear from you and look at pictures of your projects, so, please, go ahead and post them in Ravelry and elsewhere, using the hashtag #kynthiashawl


Now, if you haven’t done it already, I’d like to urge you to sign up for the Vap’oria|mkal_august2016. All you have to do is hit the link and read all about it! Who said that summer is an off-season for knitters? Well, I bet they didn’t know a thing about knitting, did they?

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