Kymata is the Greek word for “waves:

Are you a novice knitter struggling with increases and decreases and wondering if there is a way to assimilate all this stuff and actually make something useful out of it? Well, these patterns are meant for you. When working on the basic version, you’ll do your knits and purls and distinguish between garter st and stockinette st, while learning how to increase and decrease.

Then, you will use yarn overs and decreases for an airy, lacy version; in short, you get to create two scarves that flow like their name: k’ymata = waves in Greek. Now, even if you are not among the novice knitters but need some mindless, relaxing knitting to do while on the bus or in front of the TV, or at the beach, whatever… These patterns are perfect for you, too!

I chose silk for the basic scarf prototype, because Greece is a HOT place to live and knit in the summer and a gorgeous multi-colored Treliz merino wool for the eyelet version but, of course you can go ahead and pick the yarn of your choice and surprise me!

You can get the patterns at a special discount until July 25, 2016

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