Bougainville |June MKAL

What? Again? I can almost hear you say that, you know, but today’s post is mostly about color inspiration! I know, I created these #bougainville_mkal posters featuring the hot fuchsia red color of the bugainvillea flowers of the tree in my veranda and, yes, the yarn I’ll use for the MKAL is of the same color.


But, did you know that bougainvillea flowers come in several (not so common) colors? Yes, they do and pale yellow is one of them! I took a walk on Pinterest and it led me to this wonderful blog, (oh the places you can discover through Pinterest) and I was fascinated by the beautiful pictures, so I thought I should definitely share them with you.


Maybe it’ll give you some idea on the yarn you’ll pick in order to knit the shawl or maybe you’ll just enjoy the beauty of the bougainvillea flowers and read the lovely post!


Well, what do you think? It IS inspirng isn’t it? Just a little reminder: if you’re interested in joining us for the MKAL and get a chance to win one of the prizes, go ahead and purchase your pattern at an earlybird price: it’s actually 1/3 of the final price and the offer is valid until May, 29, 2016. 

Have a happy weekend with lots of knitting, loving and having fun!

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