They may be tiny, but they are sooo great!

You know how it is…too many projects running, a test-knitting for the new pattern and already designing the next one, classes and research for future projects, housework and helping my 10+ year-old with the homework…pretty hectic, ha? Well, I can’t complain…

But then, I decided to go for a small “something for me” activity, a half-an-hour per day project to help me relax and rest and enjoy what’s left of my precious stash leftovers… It’s called the #5shawls5days challenge and you can read all about it if you visit Frenchie’s website…

Day 1 – The Triangle Shawl

I just HAD to show you my 2 first mini shawls; of course, I used TreLiz yarn leftovers for both of them and I ‘ve been enjoying every one of these special 30 minutes each day! Isn’t it great to be able to have just 30′ minutes to yourself and actually accomplish something (even if it is only a humble, colorful swatch) in those 30’ minutes? I tell you, they brighten my day! Stay tuned for I’ll keep you posted on my progress, promise!

Day 2 – The Crescent Shawl

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