“There are no words…” The story behind the Fiberlass Shawl!

Time to give you a hint as to the story behind my new “The Fiberlass Shawl” pattern! I ‘m currently working on the editing part of the pattern and will soon submit it for test knitting on Ravelry, I’ll let you know in case you’re interested in participating!


…to express my gratitude to my Ravelry friends who have been standing by me for a whole year, ever since I created my Designer’s Group. Testing and tech-editing, knitting my new patterns and creating some really beautiful knits out of them, caring about what’s happening here, in Greece, and supporting me in times of joy and times of hardship. I really, really can’t thank them enough.

Today I was reminded once again of how true and supportive real friends can be, [even if we have never even met in flesh and blood so to speak], when I received the package of one of my most loyal Ravelry pals, a test-knitter to most of my designs, Pam or “fiberlass” as she is known to our community of knitters and crocheters. The timing couldn’t have been better, for tomorrow is the celebration of my Saint (Saint Mary) and that unexpected gift…

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