Staying motivated…


It’s all about planning and swatching and writing and editing and…well, it does seem a lot, doesn’t it? That’s because it IS a lot, I guess… And it’s always a bit harder to stay in and take a seat in front of the laptop and write a post when one can go out and take a walk by the sea. (yes, I know, I’m lucky I live near the sea…)

Thankfully, I work next to a window and I can enjoy some of that sunshine and keep working and hoping for a sunny weekend when I’ll be able to go for that much earned walk… Motivation keeps one from procrastination and, although I’m well-known for my “prone-to-procrastination” moods, I am better-known for my tough enthusiasm (yep! that’s my word for …self-discipline).

So, I’m staying in and working on developing this wonderful project: translating traditional Greek embroidery patterns into knitting colorwork. The fuchsia-pink dot planner includes my sketches and the money box next to it reminds me of the effort I have to put into this, in order to afford the luxury of working from home. It makes sense, doesn’t it?

Well, there it is, I just had to get it out of my system and go back to these lovely tasks of mine! Wishing you all a happy, Thursday and, remember? Weekend is just round the corner, so, hold on and stay motivated!


6 thoughts on “Staying motivated…

  1. Vanta Papapanagiotou

    It’s the walk by the sea I’m jealous of… I wish you good luck with your new projects.

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