My -free- Greek Valentine Cowl Pattern

…and, yes, you ‘re just in time to grab some yarn and knit one for your significant other! You need a small amount of yarn and a couple of hours, oh well, maybe three or four, in any case, this is an affordable luxury!


Inspiration came while on a “brainstorming” study of traditional greek embroidery motifs. Among the lovely geometric shapes which called my attention, there was this sort of a square heart shaped motif that I thought would look great if knitted. So, there it is, red on an off-white background, but you can always go on and play with colors according to your taste!

You will need:

Debbie Bliss Baby Cashmerino in 3 colors

  • Color A – off white
  • Color B – blue
  • Color C – red

(I used 1 skein of color A and approx. 1/3 skein of each of the other 2 colors)

  • US 9 5.5mm circular needle
  • Stitch marker to mark the beginning of the round (opitional

Grab your needles and let’s start!

With Color B, CO 160 sts and join to work in the round. Place a Marker (if needed) to mark the beginning of each round.

Round 1: [k1, p1] rep to end.

Round 2: k all sts.

Repeat rounds 1-2 for two more times, then change to color A and repeat for 3 more times.

Work 6 rounds of stockinette st (k all sts). Then work following the diagram (you will be working with colors A and C in this part of the project). After you have worked a whole repeat of rounds from the diagram, work 6 more rounds of stockinette st, using color A only.

Start counting rounds again and work as follows:

Round 1: [k1, p1] rep to end.

Round 2: k all sts.

Repeat rounds 1-2 for three more times, then change to color B and repeat for two more times. BO all sts very loosely, wash, block to shape and enjoy!

Colorwork Pattern Diagram


NOTE: This pattern comes free to you and it’s for your personal use only! Please respect this and do not sell any items made from this pattern! Of course, you are welcome to use it for charity knits! Thank you!


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