Happy. colourful 2016!

I know it’s been almost 3 weeks since my last post-gosh, that’s quite a while!- but I really needed to take sometime off in order to knit some last minute gifts and get some well-deserved rest from work.

As you can easily understand, inspiration visits when one is relaxed and happy. And so it did and I finally started working on the project I’m presenting you today: a bunch of  bright stranded colourwork patterns based on  traditional Greek embroidery motifs.

In the past I had created an openwork shawl pattern based on traditional Greek embroidery and I ‘d been meaning to create some colourwok motifs, too. You see, Greece hasn’t a really great tradition when it comes to knitting. Embroidery is more our thing and so is crochet.


Thankfully, embroidery motifs can also be translated into colourwork knitting and that is exactly what I did. The first set of patterns is the Talisman Series, a collection of patterns for everyday accessories that feature symbols of “good luck charms”. I chose rather cool, fresh colour combinations, to create this first bunch of patterns and I’m happy to present the 3 patterns that are already available for purchase on Ravelry.




Well, this is only the beginning, I’ll go on adding some patterns in the days to come, so make sure you stay tuned! I’ll keep you informed ad I’ll be glad to hear from you, too, so don’t hesitate: hit the “comments” button and let me know what you think!

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