denmoma – the interview

  • Hi, Denae, so nice to have you here with us! Let us know more about you and your life, will you?

I’ve been knitting since Christmas of 2007 when I had the notion to ask for a kit as a gift.  I am mostly self taught but got help starting out from my mother in law, a co-worker and lots of videos.  Knitting led to spinning, which I started around 2013 on a spindle.  Spinning got serious when I was gifted a wheel in 2014.  I also taught myself crochet that year after several failed attempts.


  •  I understand that, apart from knitting and designing, you also spin and dye yarn. Can you describe us your “craft” routine if there is any?What does it feel like? 

I like to say, “while learning these crafts may take some patience, once you have learned them you will have the patience to endure anything; so whenever your hands are free, why not knit a row or three?”  So my craft routine is to just work on something whenever my hands are free!  Usually it’s in the evenings after dinner, while I watch tv; I also like to take a project with me whenever I leave the house in case I’m stuck waiting so I don’t get bored.

  • Where does your inspiration come from? 

My design inspiration comes from many places, anything from the yarn – color and fiber content, to an item I saw in a store or a feature on a building.

  • What is special about YOUR work? What makes it stand out?

I like to make knitting available to everyone…  Either by pricing patterns affordably or having a pattern be easy to understand for beginners.  I make patterns because it’s something I’d like to make so I hope other will too.

  • Why did you decide to participate in the Treliz Knitting Kits project? 

I love Lise’s color sense!  Her yarns are so vibrant and colorful, that was the first draw.  After talking with her I’ve found her to be so enthusiastic and friendly.  We both had a love for variegated yarns and the pooling or flashing that can happen and that inspired my design.

  • Finally, what is your message to the yarn lovers of this world?

There are no rules!  Just give it a try and have fun.  There are many ways to get the same end result so if one way doesn’t work, try something else. If that doesn’t work, maybe the technique isn’t for you, don’t worry, there are so many more things you can try!

You still have the time to pre-order your “denmoma kit” if you just click here! I believe you’ll enjoy every minute you spend knitting this beautiful pattern, not to mention wearing it with pride!!!


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