Question: how do you say “crazy” in Greek?

Answer: ‘trelos’ if it’s a man, ‘treli’ if it’s a woman. Well, as you may have already guessed I’m a ‘treli’ myself, you know, multi-task crafter, notorious book lover  and eternal learner and everything, but it’s not me I’ll be telling you about today.
I’m glad there is this one young fiberista with the symbolic brand name ‘TreLiz’ and that she has a special place in my life. Lise Condis, calls herself TreLiz, “very Lise”, and this sounds just like the ‘crazy’ person some people may think she is.
DSCN1541Thank God, there are many of us, crazy people, on this planetTweet: Thank God, there are many of us, crazy people, on this planet

I first heard of her via the internet (what else?) and then I bought some yarn of hers just because I liked it. It wasn’t until I saw her spinning and talking about her passion (fiber spinning+dyeing) that I really got interested in her as a person; and then, one thing led to another.

Colour choices bring people together.Tweet: Colour choices bring people together.

And so they did: I think our common love for colour and yarn, along with a real passionate vision of our respective creative lives, brought us together. I am really happy we decided to collaborate and I wouldd like to invite you to stay tuned for the upcoming interview of Lise (aka TreLiz), next week. We shall get into the “insides” of a yarnie and you will find out more details about the ‘TreLiz’ knitting kits project!!!

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