Knitting brings music to my ears! Literally!

I don’t know if there’s such a thing as “just knitting in silence”… I know I just can’t sit and knit and not listen to or watch something inspiring at the same time…

Knitting and crocheting match so well with music, books and movies, they really do keep each other company and so, I’ve found I get to enjoy myself even more when they blend together… When I am in the process of creating a new pattern, it’s usually just music that I turn to: it helps me concentrate on the pattern, during both the design and the writing process. I usually listen to instrumental pieces and I can choose from such a wide range of styles:

I could go on for long like that, but I’d rather let you enjoy some of these music pieces if you’re interested, that is. Knitting some pattern of mine wouldn’t hurt, either! (Just joking, you’re of course allowed to knit what you have on your needles this moment).

I bet you have some favourite music to listen to while creating, will you let me know what it is? Please, do so by hitting the comments button and leaving a reply! It will help us know each other so much better!!! Did I show you what is on my needles these days? Well, here it is, and yes, new cardigan pattern coming up! Stay tuned!


3 thoughts on “Knitting brings music to my ears! Literally!

  1. erinleigha

    I totally agree. When I listen to instrumental music when I am crocheting I feel like I get a lot more done.

    1. It is much easier to concentrate on a project when there are no lyrics I suppose! 🙂 It;s nice to know I’m not the only one who feels that way!

      1. erinleigha

        Yeah I find if I’m watching TV that I’m not quite as fast and have a harder time keeping count of stitches but I do it anyways. lol.

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