What? November already? OMG!!!

If you are anything like me (I bet you are) you must be already thinking about the Holidays! It’s getting kinda chilly these days and we are walking slowly but steadily into a pre-Holidays Season! Well, what do you know? I can’t stop knitting (or crocheting and vice-versa)…and today I decided I needed to take a 2-minutes break per day to have some shameless fun! I organized a Post-a-Photo-a-Day Challenge and asked my fellow knitters to come and play with me in my Ravelry Group! Will you stop by and see of you’d like to join us in this game?


3 thoughts on “What? November already? OMG!!!

  1. Nikki - Yet Another Crafter

    This looks like a fun challenge! I’ve not seen your designs before, I’m having to resist adding some of your shawls to my queue, I don’t even wear shawls! :O They are beautiful though!

    1. Thank you so much!!! I just visited your blog and I think you’ve knitted some really interesting creatures (the Union Jack one is adorable)! So happy we’re connecting!!! 🙂

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