Let’s knit some socks, shall we?


Today it is one of those rainy, autumn days when all you want to do is curl up in the sofa with a nice cup of tea, an audiobook and a knitting project to last through the weekend! Well, I can’t do much about that tea and that audiobook, but I’ve got you covered as to the knitting project! My new pattern for you to knit a pair of socks and it’s a real bargain, too!!! Available at my Etsy shop, at a surprise price (1.50 euros), during this weekend only!!!

A fully tested and edited pattern that will guide you into knitting a nice pair of knee-high socks. All my patterns are fully tested and tech-edited, in order to make the knitter’s life a lot easier. I am a knitter who buys and knits patterns from other designers, therefore I know that a pattern should make the knitter’s life easier and that is what I hope I do. I consider it a “Beginners Friendly” pattern, myself. It includes written instructions as well as a chart and, of course, I am always eager to answer your questions via email.

So, wait no longer! Just click on the photo or here and it will take you to my listing!!! Happy knitting!!!

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