What I’d love to learn from Blacksburgh Belle’s upcoming course, Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

Well, it’s this time of the year again, when we -hopefully- do the housecleaning and perhaps some blog-lifting too. In the midst of a hectic summer (due to the political ups and downs here in Greece), it seemed impossible to catch up with the rest of the world and keep a high social media profile. Sometime it IS like that and we have to accept it.

Fortunately things look a bit more “normal” these days and here I am again, following April Bowles-Olin into another blog tour, along with many, many wondereful, creative people. Today is, in fact the day she’s launching a 5-week course with Creative Live and I plan to attend every minute of it. Although the Capital Controls situation in Greece does not permit me to buy the course, as I did in the past, I’ll do my best to be there for the live broadcast.

Despite a rather steady presence on Facebook and Pinterest, I am eager to know how I could give my Ravelry store and/or Etsy shop a boost on Instagram and Twitter. I am a regular (thhough not too frequent) blogger on both  Wordpress and the Blogger and I’ve recently updated my Tumblr+ account and started posting there, too. I make sure each blog addresses a different audience; I write in Greek when on the Blogger, in English when on WordPress and I reserve Tumblr+ for a more artistic approach. Yes, I don’t remember any more how life was before the Internet, ha!

I enjoy communicating with people and I think I really need some tips on using Twitter to my benefit, so I rely on this course to show me the way. I’m so looking forward to watching April’s first broadcast tonight and connect with all the creative followers #BelleLive! See you there!!!

2 thoughts on “What I’d love to learn from Blacksburgh Belle’s upcoming course, Double Your Followers with Creative Marketing

  1. Nice to meet you, Maria! 🙂 I’m also on April’s blog tour and I look forward to watching her bootcamp and to getting to know more creative biz people!

    1. Hi, Flavia!!! Thanks for responding to my post! I am a loyal fan of April’s and she deserves it! I have watched the first sessions and she is absolutely amazing!

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