…I believe in the future…

…fortunately, I still do. I believe in the future, in good will, in hard work, in inspiration, in young (or not so young, haha) people with a dream. In the past 20 days Greece has been living in a political and financial turmoil that no one can ignore. For us, creatives, it is even harder, causing a frustration that prevents from the optimism and the joy of creating new, beautiful things. So, on top of everyday obstacles you have to fight that feeling.

This is my challenge for the time to come ( I know it will be so for a long time, I’m a realist). I will fight for what I’ve built with hard work and immense love in the past years and I will stand by those who do the same. It’s time for solidarity, for co-operation, for good will. I know it’s the right thing for me to do. This is my way back to inspiration and the only way to communicate the “message”.

Today,  I’d like you to go to the SpinArtiste site and read the article on Treliz and her wonderful yarns. Lise is my friend, but I fell in love with her yarn before I knew her. She is one of the people that give me hope for the future and I’m sure, once you read the article, you, will feel the same way, too.

Lady Bug – 100% superwash Merino – DK

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