Knitted Gift

Well, it has happened to all of us, knitters/crocheters, hasn’t it? Let’s read what Marcela has to say…

Marcela Chang Knits

When you knit, the people who know you, always (and I mean ALWAYS) asking you to make something for them, This petition presents, at least for me, a lot of questions:

1. Is she or he a woolly person? Sometimes, the people who ask you for a knitted gift never uses knitted things, and maybe our gift will be alone in the closet until next “charity closet give away”. And the truth, that will be a waste of time and money.

2.What is her taste on clothes, what style does she or he have? maybe you make a nice shawl, and she/he never wear it because she/he dont like shawls. (my mother has a lot of my shawls and never wears them, and she don’t want to gave them back, either)

3. How much money and effort are you willing to give away? that is very important, is not about…

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