A free pattern for Ilitominon – Let’s crochet a preemie blanket!

“Ilitominon brings together parents of premature neonates with scientists, aiming at providing care to premature newborns. In order to achieve its aim, Ilitominon organizes and supports social,scientific and educationalactivities through social, scientific and educational activities that contribute to the promotion and solution of medical and socio-economic problems of the families that have premature newborns.

Ilitominon is member of the European National Parents Organisations under the umbrella of EFCNI whose main aim is to tackle inequalities in newborn health in Europe. In that context, Ilitominon paricipates in the Standards of Care for Newborn Health collaborative project under the auspices of EFCNI for the development of harmonised standards for the care of preterm and newborn infants in Europe.

Because with every infant born, hope is also born and Ilitominon wishes to keep this hope alive and strong.”  [ http://www.ilitominon.gr/en ]


My contribution to the Ilitominon cause is the pattern of a preemie blanket I crocheted especially for them! In case you’re interested in crocheting one yourself and offer it to an Ilitominon baby or to the charity of your choice, you can download the pattern for free, once you click on this link:

Ilitominon preemie blanket

I hope you’ll find the cause worthy and the Ilitominon staff receive a lot of preemie blankets for their tiny newborns! Remember! All that you give out comes back to you!!!


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