LaMuette – A True Story

“La Muette” is named after the Métro station of the most chic Paris quartier, which is of course the quartier of Passy! Paris is famous for a lot of things but it is definitely well-known for being the city of “la mode”. Style and fashion are the two words that first come to my mind when I think of Paris!!! There are, of course, all those wonderful places for the visitor to the City of Light: La Tour Eiffel, Les Invalides, L’Arc de Triomphe, les cafés-terrasse, lots of sight-seeing…and then, window-shopping, (or, even better, shopping) at “les boutiques”!


I designed this asymmetrical scarflette (or should I call it cache-épaules?) bearing in mind that when in Paris you must always look you best, either you’re going to work or just for a walk! It must add some style to a simple morning casual outfit, yet be elegant enough for an apéritif at “Les Deux Magots”, a “must” place to visit when in Paris! (I’d order a pastis if I were you, but then this my dream, so go ahead and have what you like!)

This scarf makes a statement with its exploding edges and it is an easy one to knit, even if you are a novice knitter. You only need to know how to knit, purl, yarn over and do basic knit and purl decreases and that’s it! It is worked top-downwards and, because of a special trick, no short rows are needed in order to shape the curvy edges! There’s a small lace panel in the centre of it all that sort of reminds me of the Eiffel Tower and its reflection at night! My yarn choice for this design was influenced by the way Parisians can combine yellowish and greyish colours in a divine way! I think this scarf was meant to be created in this colourway!


Paris will always be Paris and, every time I look at LaMuette Scarf, I almost hear the voice of Yves Montand singing the “Autumn Leaves”, so I must have done something right!

Should you be interested in participating in the Test-Knitting/KAL in my Ravelry group, which will take place during May, you will be most welcome! You’ll find all the details here!

PS. Special thanks to TreLiz for providing the yarn AND posing for these beautiful pics!!!

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