Extreme Etsy Shop Makeover

Almost 2 years ago I did open an Etsy Shop like so many other designers and crafters before me. Truth is, I didn’t know a thing about running such a shop, I have a quite successful Ravelry Store but this is a totally different thing and didn’t have the time to do anything about Etsy so far, so there it was, on and off, unnoticeable among so many wonderful places to be on Etsy. I recently found the courage (and hope to find the time) to make the necessary changes and hopefully get someone stop by and then, actually buy from me! I took some classes on how to put up a presentable shop and how to figure out the prices, cost, shipping etc. I redesigned my banner (I used to have a beautiful, beautiful banner, designed by a good friend of mine, but I realized this was not ME, so I took the responsibility of making it myself.) Here it is!

data-pin-hover="true" I’m in the process of editing profile and “about” pages, adding and leaving out listings etc and I enjoy doing it, although I admit it is very time-consuming. I plan to study my ebook on SEO and watch April Bowles Olin courses once again, so that I can do some more changes for the better, perhaps rephrase things and then, we’ll see what happens. I have to say that traffic seems to be up thsese days, but it’s too soon to know. We’ll wait and see!!! Do you have an Etsy place? How do you cope with it? I’d really like to know, so please, go ahead and write a comment below! Let’s connect and communicate!!! bundle_3_etsy

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