Around the world in 80 skeins

Some time ago, a fellow Raveler and well-known designer, Kimberly Golynskyi, aka 80skeins, asked  to interview me for her blog tour : Around the World in 80 Skeins! The idea is to present a knitting and/or crochet designer from a different country each time and, lucky me, I was chosen to represent Greece! 

I am told that tomorrow is the day for my interview to be posted on the blog and I am so looking forward to it !!! I won’t tell you any more about that, you have to go to Kimberly’s site and read not only mine, but each and everyone of those interviews, enjoy the pictures taken by the people interviewed and realize what wonderful, really wonderful, warm and joyful these people are!!! 

I feel really honoured to be featured there among some of my favourite designers and I am so happy I have discovered some I hadn’t had the chance to know before, and all that, thanks to Kimberly!!!

Here is my skein!

PS. “Around the World in 80 Days” happens to be my favourite childhood book, so I created a pattern to celebrate this special knitting trip around the world! Now, stop reading me, go ahead, go to Kimberly’s site and enjoy travelling with us!!!

3 thoughts on “Around the world in 80 skeins

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