Summer holidays knitting and crochet

Can you think of anything more fun than crafting under the sun? (wow, that sounded almost poetic, didn’t it?) Well, not UNDER the sun, in fact you’d better be well-protected, sunscreen, glasses, hat and lots of water… If you ‘re lucky enough, you’ll find a nice place to sit comfortably in the shade and …just knit or crochet or whatever it is you’re up to…

I took 2 projects along on the first part of our family vacation in Aegina, an island near Piraeus where I live, but far enough to feel like miles and miles away from home. This was the view from our balcony:


And these are the projects I finished while staying there:

my version of Lisa Naskrent’s Maia Shawl…

and a second, smaller version of my own Adelina Shawl, in solid coloured yarn…

I also did some reading, lots of swimming, relaxing and enjoying time with my family and friends, it’s amazing how quickly time goes by when one has fun, isn’t it?

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