Done is better than perfect

Διαβάστε το άρθρο και σκεφτείτε…δεν έχει δίκιο;

Life Graduate

BelleLiveOptionThree lessons from a blogging workshop to apply to life

It is not only university or school that teaches me lessons. I recently took part in a blogging workshop hosted by Creative Live and held by April Bowles. It generated this blog tour which I am happy to join. See Eleanor from Wok Star and illustrator Nela touring with me, but first keep reading for three important life lessons I learned from this workshop.

1. Be open to failure. Don’t take it too seriously.

Yes, a blog binds you legally and makes you attackable. I guess that is written in the terms and conditions I have extensively read and understood when I tick that box. Yes, my blog is public and basically everybody can read it. Yes, some people may not like it, and sometimes I myself don’t. The only thing that helps is to not take it…

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