I live and knit (a lot) in Piraeus, Greece. My mission is to create smart (aka adaptable) patterns for wearable knits and I love to use natural fibres and vibrant colours that transmit my love for life. For years I’ve been working as a Foreign Languages Teacher and Translator; I’m happily married to a (very patient) husband and the mother of a son (a quite creative teenager).

I really cannot remember which of the two came first into my life : knitting or crochet? Probably the latter, as I am one of those -few?- knitters who were taught these skills at school, when I was 12 and, traditionally,  crochet has been rather more popular in Greece. My mother had introduced me to embroidery five years earlier and, although I have spent quite some time on this area, I guess the idea of creating my own clothes and accessories was much more appealing.

So, I moved on from scarves and hats to cardigans and sweaters and, picky as always, I followed my inspiration and went from modifying patterns into creating my very own. Back in those days, the late ’80s, knitting was certainly a hobby but it eventually became more than that. It took me through the good and bad moments of life, helping me cope with losses and sorrow, giving me strength and a boost to go on, showing me new paths of self-expression. I started writing down my own patterns in English, Greek, French and Spanish and had the pleasure to see some of them traslated into German and Italian.

As the years passed by, I connected with so many wonderful knitters, indie dyers and yarn shop owners around the world. Through the years, I have enjoyed collaborating with some really prominent professionals, participating in events and design projects and experiencing the ultimate pleasure of seeing pictures of the knits made from my patterns by knitters all over the world. I feel so blessed and grateful for the knitters’ Internet community, they have always been warm and supportive towards my work.

Nowadays, I self-publish my designs on Ravelry and teach Advanced Knitting and Crochet Techniques in Craft Fairs and Art Centers in Greece and abroad. I love collaborating with Independent Fiber Artists and exclusive Luxury Yarn Shops. I love the way Internet brings people together, so, go ahead and connect with me:


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